St. Bede's Church
St. Patrick's Church
St. Vincent's Church


3 catholic parish

Welcome  to  3  Catholic  Parishes   KCK

The Catholic Communities at Corning, Kelly and Onaga are formed into a combined community being served from Onaga Rectory. The communities aim at faning into flame the fire of Christ's Love in the daily life situations.

Regular Schedule:


6:00 pm - Mass - St. Bede, Kelly


8:00 am - Mass - St. Patrick, Corning

10:00 am - Mass - St. Vincent de Paul, Onaga

Half an hour before every Mass

Weekdays   Mass  Schedule 

Tuesday - Friday
8:00am - Mass - St. Vincent's, Onaga
Wednesday - CCD Masses
1st Wednesday of the month - St. Patrick's, Corning : 7:00 PM
2nd Wednesday of the month - St. Bede's, Kelly : 7:00 PM
3rd Wednesday of the month - St. Vincent's, Onaga: 6:00 PM
Masses at Nursing Homes
10:00am - 2nd Tuesday of every month - Red Bud
9:30am - 3rd Tuesday of every month - East Ridge
10:00am - 4th Friday of every month - Onaga Health & Rehabilitation (Golden Acres)

Prayer   for   our  Families

    Lord, We thank you for the gift of the families in our Parish and we pray for them.

    You have honored our families by allowing Jesus to be born in the family of Nazareth. We thank you.

    Transform our families into holy families to be centered on you and to be standing up for you. Bless every family in our parish to be the home of Gospel and holiness. Bless every struggling family with perseverance and faith, every broken family with hope and healing.

    Bless every member in our families; our parents with mutual love and commitment, understanding and forgiveness; our sisters and brothers with health and happiness; our children with grace and wisdom; our elderly with satisfaction and serenity; our extended families and neighborhood families with peace and prosperity; our diseased members with eternal rest.

    We trust in your care for us and help us to live in your presence today. We ask this through the intercession of the Jesus, Mary and Joseph.